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Ewan Macdonald

A chartered chemical engineer with 30 years' experience of industrial energy and resource efficiency project delivery



Ewan Macdonald has 30 years’ experience of energy and resource efficiency projects in industry. Ewan retired recently as a Technical Director in Jacobs’ Sustainable Solutions Business Unit where he had responsibility for maintaining the company’s capability in industrial energy efficiency across the business. He also contributed to the company’s resource efficiency projects and in the past has been the technical lead for NISP (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme) in North West England, an accredited consultant with both the Carbon Trust (CT) and Manufacturing Institute (MAS) and a member of the Envirowise and enWorks resource efficiency panels.

His project experience includes implementation of energy management systems and processes, process investigation and troubleshooting, feasibility studies for CHP systems and energy networks, strategic energy and carbon management planning and training across a wide range of industries from SMEs to multinationals. He has a wide range of international project experience, including Europe, North America, Chile and Indonesia.


Ewan is an effective communicator and holds regular training workshops for in-house consulting teams as well as delivering carbon management workshops and resource efficiency training for our wide range of industrial clients. He has also held an honorary post as a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College, London.


Prior to joining Jacobs, Ewan worked in a range of process engineering roles, from a refinery technologist at Shell UK’s Stanlow refinery, to works manager of a fine chemical company. The experience in these contrasting organisations complemented his experience at the UK Atomic Energy Authority, where he helped establish and run a pinch technology consultancy and an environmental research and technology transfer project. He also spent eight years with a German engineering consultancy – Fichtner – where he was responsible for implementing environmental projects including flue gas treatment processes for energy from waste plants and VOC abatement technology in the chemical and process industries.


Ewan is also an Associate of the March Alliance. This is a collaboration of 25 consulting firms and individuals who share one thing in common – we all previously worked for March Consulting Group delivering energy and resource efficiency programmes of all descriptions all over the globe.


Not only do we offer possibly the strongest pool of talent in our field but also the reassurance that we are all committed to the highest quality outcomes for our customers.





  • Scheduling, managing and operating a multi-purpose batch chemical plant
  • Developing analytical procedures as part of company’s QA system
  • Translating lab-scale processes to production scale
  • Health, Safety and Environmental management
  • Liaising with Environment Agency on variations to operating permits
  • Liaising with clients on production schedules, product quality issues and environmental duty of care


  • Delivery of a range of environmental consulting and capital projects
  • Business development and project sales
  • Maintaining company’s technical knowledge in the field of process and energy engineering
  • Marketing and exhibition planning
  • Accredited Carbon Trust consultant



  • Launched and managed new consultancy business built around pinch technology
  • Managed multi-national research programmes in gas separation processes
  • Developed launched and managed industry-sponsored club project on industrial wastewater process technology
  • Project management, business development and sales
  • Visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London



  • Process monitoring and technical troubleshooting in crude oil distillation plant and refinery power station
  • Investigate options for commercial use of surplus refinery gas
  • Development of environmental improvement projects to reduce acid gas emissions from power station
  • Environmental performance reporting to site management and external stakeholders


ESOS; Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme; Resource efficiency; energy surveys; industry; CHP; renewable energy; RHI; waste water treatment; pinch analysis; process integration; March Alliance

EKM Energy


Sector Experience

  • Energy surveys
  • CHP feasibility studies
  • Resource efficiency audits
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Renewable energy strategy studies
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & drink
  • Mineral processing
  • Pulp & paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Water & wastetwater

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