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Energy surveys (2014)

Client: Graincorp Australia

Role: Technical Lead

Key Achievements: This project was delivered to support Graincorp’s compliance with Australia’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment regulations. The project involved Level 2 Energy Audits at three edible oil refineries and an oil storage terminal in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. The audits identified energy efficiency opportunities and suggested changes to the energy management process to enable the sites to report and manage energy within a consistent framework.


Energy Efficiency Training (2013)

Client: Mauritius Ministry of Industry

Role: Lead Trainer

Key Achievements:

Theoretical and practical training for 50 industrial engineers in the techniques of energy auditing. This included delivering lectures on energy auditing, energy efficient technologies and practical monitoring techniques. The theory section of the course was supported by a series of one-day audits with small groups of trainees, exposing them to the disciplines of an industrial energy audit. I helped the trainees plan the site energy audit and acted as a mentor to the trainees including reviewing the audit reports produced by the groups following the site visits.


Review of CHP Performance (2013)

Client: Thames Water

Role: Technical lead

Key Achievements: Delivered a review of the operational status and efficiency of CHP engines at one of Thames' major sewage treatment works. The engines were nearing the end of their useful life and were operating well below their design efficiency. Heat output had to be supplemented by stand-by boilers to maintain digester temperatures. The digester heat exchangers were clearly fouled as were the waste heat boilers on the engine exhausts. The study concluded that there was a business case for accelerating the planned replacement of the engines and increasing the frequency of digester heat exchanger cleaning.


Heat sinks in wastewater treatment (2012)

Client: UK Water Industry Research

Role: Project Manager

Key Achievements: I led a team of engineers researching the implications of the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive on operating costs and revenue-generating opportunities at municipal wastewater treatment works. The study investigated the main heat sources and sinks found in WWTPs to try and quantify the value of heat (or biogas) within the context of the UK renewables support framework. We developed a spreadsheet approach to modelling heat flows, reviewed heat recovery technologies and prioritised solutions to maximise revenues at a range of WWTP sites.

A follow-up project in 2013 looked at optimising the balance between primary and secondary treatment processes to maximise the energy content of sludges prior to anaerobic digestion, resulting in to increased biogas yields. His was also approached through spreadsheet modelling and concluded that improving primary sludge separation had operating cost benefits through reduced aeration loadings in ASPs, together with increased biogas yields.


Energy Management Information Systems (2010-2012)

Client: Union Gas

Role: Technical Lead and Project Manager

Key Achievements: This programme of energy efficiency scoping studies covered a range of industries including fibreboard manufacture, pulp and paper refining and automotive components. Commissioned by Union Gas to support their major energy consuming clients, the studies identified the savings potential available to the host companies through implementation of a formal energy management project, consistent with the requirements of ISO 50001. The study content included process analysis and development, opportunity identification and development, energy data management systems specification and procurement, target setting and training.

I also undertook similar projects for BC Hydro (2 pulp & paper mills) and Efficiency New Brunswick (paper mill and fish canning factory).


Technology Accelerator Project (2010-2011)

Client: Carbon Trust

Role: Technology lead, Paper Sector

Key achievements: I was project manager for this project, aimed at identifying a substantial step change in energy efficiency in the industry. Working with companies in the packaging and speciality paper sectors, we investigated a range of technology options from real-time moisture measurement of the paper sheet, optimisation of CHP operation and improved control of belt vacuum. The outputs were a recommendation for a demonstration project to support the development of better moisture and vacuum meters and identification of further measures to increase process efficiency.


Energy Management Systems Review (2008-2010)

Client: Huntsman Pigments

Role: Lead technical consultant

Key achievements:

I led a team of Enviros and Huntsman engineers to undertake detailed scoping studies of Huntsman’s 3 European titanium dioxide pigment manufacturing sites (in Spain, France and Italy). The scope of the studies included performance overviews and benchmarking, energy saving opportunity identification, gap analysis of current energy management and reporting systems and applying a six-sigma approach to opportunity implementation. We had to work closely with site operations staff and get buy-in for sharing best practice across widely different working cultures.


National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (2007 – 2012)


Role: Project Director and Regional Technical Lead

Key Achievements: This project involved identifying resources that companies have and matching these to companies that have identified a need. Using a combination of workshops, computer database matching and one-to-one site visits, the NW team achieved spectacular results over 3 years, diverting over ½ million tonnes of waste from landfill, avoiding embedded carbon equivalent to over 200,000 tonnes CO2 and adding over £20 million of value to NW economy through cost savings and increased sales.


ESOS; Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme; Resource efficiency; energy surveys; industry; CHP; renewable energy; RHI; waste water treatment; pinch analysis; process integration; March Alliance

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