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Many so-called wastes can have an alternative use - paper, cardboard and other packaging can be recycled, plastics can be re-worked into vehicle components or even roadside furniture, food waste can be used as animal feed or as a souce of energy in anaerobic digestion. There are many waste exchange networks around the country, providing opportunities for companies to join the Circular Economy.

Do you really know how much your waste is costing you?


It's not just the cost of waste disposal that hurts the bottom line, the true cost of waste includes:

  • Lost raw material
  • Value of final product
  • Energy cost of manufacture
  • Labour cost of manufacture
  • Labour cost of handling waste
  • Loss of production capacity
  • Reduced value through poor segregation practices...

and many other elements.

But waste isn't just something you throw away, there is waste in your good product too, from:

  • Product giveaway
  • Exceeding quality standards
  • Rework of off-specification material
  • Excess raw material stocks
  • Excess product stock
  • Over-packaging
  • Inefficient transport and distribution...

and that's before staring to think about end-or-life disposal.

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Resource Efficiency is not just about reducing the disposal cost of waste.

It is an holistic approach to optimising product yield and quality through the efficient use of feedstocks, energy and labour. Even before embarking on the Reduce, reuse, recycle" journey there is much to be done to eliminate waste in the production process.

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